Traditional Marking Systems: A Preliminary Survey

Traditional Marking Systems: A Preliminary Survey

Traditional Marking Systems: A Preliminary Survey

Edição: Joám Evans Pim, Sergey A. Yatsenko e Oliver T. Perrin

Apoia: Academia Galega da Língua Portuguesa. Rua Castelão, nº 27 - 15900 Padrão, Galiza

ISBN: 978-0-9563478-1-7


Mark Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach (p. 7)
Oliver T. Perrin, Joám Evans Pim and Sergey A. Yatsenko

Tamgas and Space: Territorial Mark and Mnemotechnic (p. 23)
Oliver T. Perrin

Property Sign Examination Through Entropy Analysis (p. 61)
Imre Gráfik

The Marking of Livestock in Traditional Pastoral Societies (p. 81)
Etienne Landais

Problems and Study Methods of the Ancient and Early Medieval Iranian-speaking Peoples’ Nishan-Signs (p. 109)
Sergey A. Yatsenko

Marks of the Ancient and Early Medieval Iranian-speaking Peoples of Iran, Eastern Europe, Transoxiana and South Siberia (p. 131)
Sergey A. Yatsenko

Seals and Signs: Anatolian Stamp Seals of the Persian Period Revisited (p. 153)
John Boardman

Forms and Functions of Livestock Branding Among the Nomads of Iran (p. 171)
Jean-Pierre Digard

On the Interpretation of Derbent’s Mason Marks (p. 181)
Murtazali S. Gadjiev

Nomad Heritage: Kushan Tamga-Signs From Southern Uzbekistan (p. 213)
Jangar Ilyasov

Livestock Property Marks in Africa (p. 227)
Catherine Baroin

Tilaka: Traditional Body Markings in India (p. 241)
Chandreyi Basu

Russian Traditional Property Signs (p. 267)
Alexey V. Chernetsov

Horse Brands of the Mongolians (p. 289)
Caroline Humphrey

Ancient Turkic Tamga-Signs (p. 309)
Zainolla S. Samashev and Napil Bazylkhan

Kazakh Tamgas (p. 329)
Samat K. Samashev

On Functional Changes of Tamga and Nishan-Signs in the Old Turkic Period (p. 339)
Takashi Osawa

Tamgas among the Turks in the Middle Ages (p. 371)
Mehmet Tezcan

The Tamgas of the Co-ruling Ashina and Ashida Dynasties as Royal Tamgas of the Turkic Kaghanate (p. 393)
Gaybulla Babayarov

Petroglyphs and Tamgas in the Vicinity of Gurvan Mandal (p. 403)
Osman Mert

Mason’s Marks in the Palaces (p. 413)
Sinclair Hood

Finno-Ugrian Permian Pas-Signs (p. 421)
Boris N. Morozov and Rem A. Simonov

Illustrated Examples of European Marks (p. 431)
Anton C. Zeven

Christian Identity Marks and their Influence on European ‘Merchants’ Marks’ (p. 443)
Tuve Skånberg

Ownership Marks in the Oriental Alps (p. 463)
Domenico Isabella

Indigenous and European Marking Systems in Brazil (p. 475)
Joám Evans Pim

Computerization of European Personal Marks (p. 507)
Paul Harthoorn

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